Principals Desk


Principals Desk

Sri Little Angels School was established in 2011.

The chairman Sri. Dr.Nageshwar Rao retired IAS officer believes that education with values leads to tremendous academic results while honing our student's inherent talents and inculcating moral values.

Every student at Sri Little Angels School is treated as a unique individual to discover her or his own potential for greatness. We want to give our students the skills they need to face on their path to become outstanding global leaders.

The curriculum at Sri Little Angels supports a student-centered approach in which teaching for knowledge is paired with an emphasis on the development of the whole person.

Dr.Nageshwar rao garu has a desire of educating children from the roots of the values , He wants to educate as many kids as possible through out his lifetime. He believes that children grow from the school to society in a perfect shape with great guidance and monitoringthis happens in the school only.

Circle Time Area

This little nook is our “circle time” area. The students each have a space marked on the carpet. We gather here 3 times each day:

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